unnamed and yet to be named

My heart is yours –

Yet to be named.

My heart is yours –


Our minds blinds us –

To our actions.

Our memory sees –


Our conscience laments –

Our minds dwell –

Our thoughts are forever –


We step over the actions –

Of those we love,

Of those we loath,

Of those whose bodies –

Lay in our way.

Step high,

Step straight,

Let the hindsight,

Guide your path,

Straight and narrow,

To the gates of your peace.



They are only trying to help

Rather out of spite

Or a demonstration of indifference.

Reactions of individuals

Leaves me scratching my head.

Is there something in our actions

We do not see?

Some ora we are blind to?

A reversed reflection

Allowing a witness

Of those we offend?

I truly search for an answer

Where does fault fall?

Perhaps there is a no fault

Only honest understanding of life.

Honesty that has made liars

Out of generations of those we

Love and trust?

Or perhaps I am the one who is lost.

Blind to the helping hands –

Misinterpreted actions –

Biting at what I perceive as claws.


I can not write the perfect verse –

Or play the perfect note.

In the morning the sun will rise –

And cast down it’s curse.

Another day to watch my back –

For God is not far behind.

To read my rights.

Take my sight.

Tomorrow –

I’ll be blind.

Blind to the rich and poor

And deviants.

Blind to this world and it’s tears.

Blind to love and hate

And bitterness.

Blind to all of my fears.

Blind to truth and lies – that

Compromise  the soul and the pure at heart.

I’ll be blind.

Then I’ll make a new start.