Will Evangelicals change Science Curriculum in Texas Public Schools?

The following is taken from an article published by The Texas Independent. The following ideas and opinions do not necessarily reflect those of Tab Across Texas.

A shift is occurring, and it has nothing to do with the continental plates or any other pseudo science that has interfered with the story of creation. In fact, this change is a return to the static story of biblical teaching, steering our children away from the dynamic and questioning agendas of the current curriculum to the largely accepted and time-tested stories from Biblical text.

“We know what is right and what is best for our kids” an undisclosed individual stated while attending a planning session with members of, For the Absolute Truth or (FAT). This group of teachers, clergy, community, and business leaders representing a wide range of social and economic communities has one mission, to “Let the Bible Tell the Truth”.

Dedicated to the reversal of misleading progressive dynamic thought, this group is making headway. FAT is creating arguments built on fundamental teachings of hundreds of years of written and oral history.

“How can something that has been around for 2000 years be incorrect?”, a question I was presented with will attending a FAT meeting. I find the question engaging and I ponder.

FAT is working closely with educational leadership in Texas. While the seas have not yet parted for FAT the tide seems to be turning.

A popular argument with FAT concerns the Independent School Districts (ISDs). FAT believes that a community should have more input in the content and curriculum in the local public schools.

“We pay for the school with our taxes and our local folks lead the schools, they are ours, we should teach like we want, we call our own plays in football.” Heartfelt and logical arguments such as these are common among FAT member, and one must admit can be argued with merit.

“We have the curriculum written.” a chorus of FAT members exclaim. “It is packaged up and ready to go.”

FAT is not just talking, FAT is doing.

Unlike other curriculums that require re-adoption and purchase as new editions are released with updated information, FAT’s adoption never changes and the school districts are taking notice.

“A school only has to buy it (the materials) one time and only replace when worn out.”, is the sales pitch for the FAT content.

“The information starts at the beginning.”

FAT’s curriculum is divided into seven units. Each unit will encompass the acts of God on the corresponding day of creation, aligning the seven units with the book of Genesis. Building on the previous units, the curriculum spirals and scaffolds throughout, a balance of geology, biology, and love.

While the group is confident in their convictions they know many will resist the backslide to creation curriculum.

“We have some powerful and influential people on our side.” proudly states one of the leading members of FAT.

Still the group understands that it will take more than power and influence to bring about acceptance of the traditional scientific thought.


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