A True Route 66 Road Trip Spotify Playlist (Please do not Shuffle)

Great road trips require great playlist. Many times road trip playlists are full of tired songs heard at least one million times. How about a playlist that played the songs of the region, state, city, or town the traveler was currently passing trough. Cruising and listen to the music that was born in the local area.

I wanted to create a great playlist like this.

A playlist that would mirror the travelers surroundings. A playlist that would sound like the towns, cities, and people along the road. An All-American playlist. A playlist born from the emotions of those who have experienced the highs and lows of life. A playlist that has witnessed history and would help the listener become even more amerced  in the road.

The road is the iconic Route 66. The playlist will take the listener from Chicago to Los Angeles. The music is the creation of the cities along the road, East to West. That is the songs are from the regions the traveler is passing trough. The songs run the gamut but still stay true to the local American culture of their birth.

A playlist that would play something like this.

Pinetop Smith will get the engine warmed up with some Chicago boogie Woogie. Curtis Mayfield will continue with the Windy City party taking the listener into the classic Kind of a Drag by the Buckinghams. Before the road opens up into Illinois the playlist will catch the listener up with more current Chicago sounds such as Styx and Fall Out Boy.

As the road continues and the traveler motors west into the low lands of the Mississippi River the music will roll with the changes and offer up the appropriate tunes. Ella Fitgerald and Count Basie will allow one to Dream A Little Dream and Scott Joplin will reintroduce the traveler to some Ragtime. Uncle Tupelo will set the mood with Moonshiner.

As middle America comes into sight and the Arch fades in the rear view Tulsa, Oklahoma will offer up the next selection. Leon Russel will keep a Tight Rope while J.J. Cale will remind Eric Clapton who really discovered Cocaine.

The playlist will remind the traveler that this is cowboy country with selections from Roy Clark and Bob Wills. Tulsa Time is about to run out as the Route continues west across Oklahoma and Texas to Roger Millers dismay.

Flying across the panhandle Joe Elly will remind us all of  what to do When The Nights are Cold and Terry Stafford will sing Amarillo by Morning – by noon New Mexico or mid-morning.

New Mexico songs will get the adrenaline pumping. Femme Fatale and The Eyeliners will bring some Power Pop and Hair Metal into the mix. Demi Lovato, that has a New Mexico connection, will find some Stone Cold in the desert.

Flagstaff will allow a respite from the road and will offer up some mellow sounds. As the desert turns to forest Flagstaff’s own Four Cornered Room will sweeten up the trip with some Honey. Tiny Bird will add some Watercolors to the lower elevation and landscape changes on the way to Kingman.

Ah – California. Music, so much music. The playlist will stay close to Barstow, San Bernadito, and Los Angeles. Black Flag and X will help  the traveler get past the frustration of traffic. Ratt, Roses, and the Crue will keep the 80’s spirit alive and the Beach Boys encourage the traveler to Don’t Worry Baby. It will be alright.

Please check out the Spotify playlist “Route 66 – Music for and from each city and region along the route…”





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