Kiser’s 66 Super Service Station – Route 66

According to the Texas State Historical Association’s website, Alenreed was home to an estimated 52 inhabitants in 2001. This small Texas town is located on Route 66, in the Texas Panhandle, just west of McLean, Texas.  Route 66 travelers know Allenreed as  home to the Kiser’s 66 Super Service Station.

The station is not visible from I-40 but is a visit and photo opportunity  worth the detour. I traveled through Alenreed a few days ago and decided to stop in to see how Kiser’s 66 was holding up.


Aside from needing some bushes trimmed and grass cut the Kiser’s 66 presented  well. A visitor will notice that many of the surrounding buildings and homes are in similar condition as the station giving the area a certain ghost town feel.

I did notice that the Route 66 badge had been pried off the sign attached to the station. While this type of souvenir collecting is disheartening the station has survived with little to no vandalism or abuse.


This original Texas canopy station is well worth the stop. I would encourage all Route 66 travelers not to miss out on a semi-hidden Texas roadside treasure.



One thought on “Kiser’s 66 Super Service Station – Route 66

  1. I love old abandoned stuff like theme parks or hospitals! This is cool: a little old abandoned gas station!

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