The Lost Pease River Battle Site?

The 1936 Texas Centennial Monuments are mammoths. These huge granite markers were set across Texas to remind and remember the history of the state. One such marker was place near the sight of the famed Pease River battle site. While the historical accuracy of the events are up for debate, what is certain is Cynthia Ann Parker returned to her “family” after December 18, 1860.

On our endless pursuit to discover an explore locations in Texas related to Comanche and Quanah Parker history we loaded up to head out to Pease River. Google Maps had me headed in the right direction and Google Street View even allowed me to see a sign that instructed the traveler to turn off of FM 98 when traveling east out of Margaret, Texas.

It was early an early February morning the weather was pleasant  and we were so excited to discover a less visited historical site. Finding FM 98 right off the town square in Margaret we knew we were getting close. The wife and I keep our eyes open for the sign and before we knew it we entered Thalia, Texas. Something went wrong.

I turned the car around and headed back west. With the help of the iPhone we slowed down examining each side road to the north and watching the dot on the phone slide toward the assumed location of Pease River Battle Site. We turned on Sandy Rd. and let the dot on the phone head north. We were getting closer. Then all the sudden and freshly plowed field separated us from our destination. We took a wrong turn.

Back on the FM 98 we continued west. Still unable to find the signs that Google Street View had allowed me to place all my navigation on. The dot was now moving perpendicular to the battle site. Next turn was a dirt county road number 231. We made a right and let our dot move closer once again to the pined location. The road took a 90 degree turn to the west and our dot was moving away again. Just as our hearts were sinking there it was, the large granite monolith. Setting up tall beside the barbwire fence the 1936 marker inscribed with a brief history of the event at Pease River.

While the actual site was still beyond the fence and without the desire to trespass we were satisfied at finding the marker. After our photos and videos were shot I journeyed back to the road to find those Google Street View signs.


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