just looking

I gaze aghast as the society –

Exchanges  rights for the beliefs –

Of those who live in fear.

Fear that was taught by those who-

Hold the devil’s bounty near to their hearts

People who denounce their anti-Christ hero

Pointing long diamond fingers toward those who love God’s true gifts.

Alcohol, imagination, and sex.

Long fingers damning these truths -As the roots of all-evil.

Long fingers pointing toward the crucifixion

Of those who long to be free

The society that finds satisfaction

In sending the youth off to war

While they long to keep the elderly alive

While, with hands raised to heaven

Thank God for his sons sacrifice –

So unique?

Professing a desire to get a heavenly reward.

This society fights for the right to abort a baby

While prosecuting those who mistreat animals

I stair aghast

As we are told –Freedom is not Free


You must lose freedoms to keep freedoms

If you don’t pay you can’t play

If you don’t have enough money you can play anyway.

A society of oxymoron

A society of ignorant morons.


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